Wireless Information Networking Society (WINs): Promotes the advancement of Science and Technology through holding conferences and workshops. WINs fosters/encouragesĀ  innovations in Information Technology and Networking, Security, Web-Technology & Wireless Information Techniques. The goals are to:

  • Promote people’s understanding of science and technology,
  • Increase peopleā€™s interests in science and technology,
  • Promote dialogue between governmental institutions, industry and academia in order to facilitate and enhance the exchange of information,
  • Encourage collaborative research and development to make people aware of competitive IT technologies/industries and bring the know-how to interested individuals as well as agencies,
  • Provide decision-making advice and other services to different institutions on science and technology-related problems,
  • Develop continued education through various training programs, and
  • Attract reputed expertise to present high-tech ideas and stimulate cutting-edge research discussions in related technical areas that would benefit attendees.